Ben Payne

‘It's a challenge, adapting to the limitations we're facing’

Question: How are you?

I realised pretty quickly, soon after the official lockdown, that I was going to have to work with the materials I had. Delivery times for new materials were obviously going to be significantly delayed. So I’ve largely managed to make do, and it’s forced me into approaching my work from a slightly different viewpoint. I’ve still, thankfully, have been able to get into my studio – working in isolation - which is, let’s face it, the norm for most artists! So I’ve given myself some time to experiment a little more than I might do in normal circumstances, using what I have. ‘Adapt and diversify’ has been the mantra of many a small business in these challenging times, so I’ve tried to stay positive and not look too far ahead into the unknown – focussing simply on keeping my family fed and upbeat! At work, I’ve tried some different colour combinations, worked on a smaller scale - to make the materials I do have last a little longer.

And so far, I've maintained a fairly normal routine, which after an initial panic, as gallery events and orders were postponed, it has meant I’ve been able to keep things rolling, but I obviously can't wait to build things up again, when we're finally able to do so. And when we do so, I will certainly use what I’ve learned and enjoyed about the new work I’ve tried.

I have been testing some figurative work with the resin I use for my landscape pieces, which I’m excited about. So I hope that in a few months time, I may well be working in a way I wouldn't have necessarily planned and in the spirit of staying positive, I look forward to sharing it with the galleries I work through. I hope everyone is coping as well they can and perhaps taking some time to express a little creativity themselves!

Best wishes

Ben Payne - painter