Philippa Paterson

‘Hope is a thing with feathers’

I am lucky enough to have my own studio at home so do have a place to work. However as we are in lockdown as an extended family finding time is a challenge.

I have decided that both with the knowledge of no fairs or exhibitions pending - and who knows when the art world will resume - I am enjoying doing quick sketches in ink and acrylic paint. I am using collage, brush at the end of long sticks, working quickly and in shorts bursts. I do not have to wait for oil paint to dry or even produce a ‘finished’ piece. This time can seem, ironically, quite free. As I am trying not to look too hard as to how this period of lockdown will cease, I am equally working in the here and now in my studio.

My last oil painting completed is entitled ‘Hope is a Thing with Feathers’, after a poem by Emily Dickenson …. well now we know how fragile hope seems ….

Philippa Paterson - Painter