Nathalie Maquet

Paris to Provence

I usually paint from my studio in Paris, but am lucky to spend « le confinement » in the Provence countryside. I was initially disappointed to be unable to paint as I could not take my painting materials with me. But this is turning to be a positive experience. I am inspired by the beautiful nature around me and I am working on many ideas for my future paintings. We are very isolated here so I walk every day in the countryside, taking photographs of olive trees, umbrella pines and flowers, and also sketching subjects for future paintings. Bonnard, one of my favourite artist, was also drawn to the south of France for artistic inspiration. His landscapes come alive with a myriad of colourful shades that express the lush vegetation and the intensity of the sunlight. I wish I could work from here all the time.
Keep safe!
Best wishes,


Entrelacée 14
oil on canvas
Nathalie’s last painting in her studio before ‘Le Confinement’


Fête 8

Fête 7

Fête 6

Entrelacée 5

Entrelacée 9