Julie Wigg


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Influenced by mid 19th century landscape painters and process driven, Julie’s work embraces the idea of the natural environment, a personal translation that challenges our excepted perceptions of what we see and the joy of just being.

Abstraction within a painting allows for greater potential for individual expression, an expressed image, an aesthetic experience. Subconsciously allowing the elements of activity, production and control to dictate the accidental. Gravity, increased fluidity of paint, sweeping gestural movements, merging solid with void, each painting consists of many overlapping surface layers, emulating the delicate fabric of the natural world.

The work often moves from the wall to the floor and back, in rotation. Surface contours are made by scoring with the wrong end of the brush into the paint, revealing the dynamic natural lines of the landscape.
Using a wide range of implements to apply medium, from linen and brushes, to her hands, Julie’s work often quite quickly, constantly changing distance from painting up close, to using long handled brushes. Each painting consists of the many surface layers, overlapping, emulating the delicate fabric of the natural world.
Earlier work often lies hidden beneath the one seen, their presence is gradually uncovered by the sanding of the surface, revealing trace elements and maps the journey taken.

Julie studied an honours degree in Graphic Design at Norwich School of Art, later a Fine Art Degree at DeMontfort University and currently is working towards a MA in the History of Art at Buckingham University.

Julie is the owner and founder of the Darl-e and the Bear gallery.