Mary Chamberlain



With a background in Fine Art (Painting) from Wimbledon School of Art, 

Mary Chamberlain’s graceful work delves into movement, both figuratively and within nature, as well as shining light on the inner landscape of the soul.

Chamberlain works in soft, fluid, traditional mediums such as ink, pastels and charcoal which echo her fine, thoughtful mark-making. Often employing large areas of space in her work, Chamberlain allows her delicate marks to breathe. She is interested in the fracturing and separation of line and form, as well as the composition of marks to create a sense of movement in and for the viewer. 

Her figurative pieces are often a mechanism for an exploration of an idea. Working from captured moments of her goddaughter, Esther, making and drawing when she was four years old, Chamberlain has explored ideas around making, appearing, the weight of self, hope, directness and fluidity of form.  

One of these figurative pieces, Half Light, inspired a collaboration exploring artwork through movement with former Rambert dancer Angela Towler, photographer and filmmaker Paul Lewis, and composer Quentin Lachapele.  Chamberlain expresses that she has a ‘kinetic response’ to art making, and that viewing art often creates a strong desire within her to move and experience how it makes her feel within her own body and self.

When you are half made, and have to appear again in the half light.’