Steve Crossley


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Steve's working life began in the early 70s as a commercial fisherman on the North Sea trawler fleets based in lowestoft, Suffolk where he spent three years before moving back to St.Ives , Cornwall.  From the port Newlyn he spent another twelve years on long liners and gill netters before leaving the sea and taking over the family business in St.Ives.  Now with more time he could spend longer on his painting which up until then had just been a hobby, and with a good amount of encouragement from his artist father (Bob Crossley 1912-2010) he began to take a more serious approach to his art.

Now a full time painter and with his work adorning many walls in private collections throughout the USA and Europe he still works from his small studio in St.Ives.

Steve's recent work is a combination of figurative and abstract with the interaction of shape and colour culinating in his vibrant pieces which give both impact and thought to the viewing eye.