Whitney Jade Halsted


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Whitney-Jade is a practice-based researcher exploring the movement and behaviour of watercolour painting in relation to imperialist thinking and the intelligible other.

Born in 1988, the complexities of Whitney-Jade’s experience growing up in Zimbabwe and the navigation of her life now living in London probe contested histories of colonialism and mechanisms of power that have given rise to a creative explosion of meaningful artistic endeavours.

Whitney-Jade all her life had an incredibly deep and sacred connection with wildlife and animals. She sees part of her life as being somewhat feral and had extremely close and personal relationships with wild animals, who at many times took care of Whitney, but that many may see as potentially dangerous. Sadly, Zimbabwe remains a harsh dictatorship, and the catastrophic injustice and corruption had begun to compromise Whitney-Jade’s integrity and moral beliefs. It was with careful and necessary consideration that Whitney-Jade decided to again leave Zimbabwe and pursue her practice as an artist.

In 2017 Whitney-Jade came to London and in 2019 received an MFA from The University of the Arts London, Wimbledon College of Art. She has participated in numerous group shows and has work in private collections around the globe. Whitney-Jade continues to expand her research and has now completed her MRes at Central St Martins. The complexities of Whitney-Jade's life as a Zimbabwean, her past memories both magical and violent, and the present navigation of her life now living in London have given rise to a creative explosion of work as she evolves in her career as an artist.