Jennifer Newman


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Jennifer Newman's practice is established on geological examination and contemplation.

Newman is reflecting on the experience of her forefathers and their decision to leave Europe and settle in Cape Town in the late 1800s, and again after WWI. Both her great grandfathers of her mother’s family decided they would live on Robben Island in the early 1900s. The island is infamous for Nelson Mandela’s 27 years incarceration, the remarkable man who had such depth and forgiveness.

Newman's work considered the cartography of the island as well as refining what influenced my families histories. She now explores what is her journey and voice. The story that she has to share in the work that she makes.

Having studied ceramics, it has inspired her to become a mixed media artist who is fascinated by different processes and the layering of minerals, oils, pigments, patinating precious metals and the use of crushed raw semi and precious stones. This mixture of materials and techniques creates trapped moments in time and exposes precious things that have been hidden. She is looking for ‘the gasp’, wanting the viewer to be drawn into what the surface has experienced, even them wanting to touch it… 

“Through time and pressure beauty is created, we mine the soul to find the precious things. We have to bring it to the surface. Life refines and polishes our history and the choice we make. Our layers and compartments are filled with experiences and memories. My love of earth and clay has influenced all my art in the use of texture and form.”