Coldharbour Lights

Coldharbour Lights

to commission this artist or for more information please contact the gallery on 01993 357120 or 07919 575885 email

Designer, Lottie Davies comes from a background in European theatre. In this feather collection she has taken the flamboyant exuberance of the stage and designed a collection with a maximalist theatricality. This is experiential design in a tactile and sensory form. 

“People want to feel cocooned and safe. They want to feel welcomed when they come home and when guests enter the space too.” - Brian Woulfe, Founder of Designed by Woulfe

These stunning feather chandeliers can interact with their environment and with you, delicately responding to a touch, a breeze or a shaft of sunlight. This is lighting that can give you a stroke or a tickle; characterful, interactive players that will add life to your interior.  

Each feather light shade is individually made to order in her London studio especially for you. A great deal of love and care has been invested in each feather light shade in the hope that some of it will spill out into your interior, adding a truly soft and organic focal point.    

All feathers are ethnically sourced Shade only, fittings are included separately.

We can assist with the relevant fittings for your chosen shade, please feel free to ask.