Wilcote Art

Wilcote Art

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Wilcote Art are a group of Oxfordshire artists who work in studios built at the edge of Topples Wood, part of the ancient Royal Hunting Forest of Wychwood. Since 2015 their community has gradually grown; they now include painters, sculptors, ceramicists, jewellery makers, makers of sound-art and installation artists. They work as individuals and also collaborate in creating socially-engaged works.

Enter a world of creativity, focused energy, supportive environment, connection with the natural world, ’its position on the edge of woodland on the Wilcote estate gives a sense of being in and part of nature. There is a shared journey of creativity amongst the artists each having had different life experiences influencing their practice. This leads to interesting work collaborations, conversations and views about the work and how living a life that  involves making art might work.’  Richard Fox

Her studio nestles under the beech trees of Topples Wood, part if the ancient Wychwood Forest. During 2020, in ‘Lockdown’, unable to travel, her studio has became her site. With the earthy smell of frost surrounding her, she muses on soil, star-dust and humans as a continuous part of the natural world. She is currently busy making pigment from the earth and from plant material. - Nimmi Naidoo

‘Through time and pressure beauty is created, we mine the soul to find the precious things. We have to bring it to the surface. Life refines and polishes our history and the choice we make. Our layers and compartments are filled with experiences and memories. My love of earth and clay has influenced all my art in the use of texture and form.’ - Jennifer Newman