Textile Artist

Anouk Pantovola


to commission this artist or for more information please contact the gallery on 01993 357120 or 07919 575885 email info@darleandthebear.co.uk

Anouk Pantovola is an artist and doll-maker. She creates art objects in the shape of dolls, sculptures, miniatures, diorama's and theatres. Often, her work holds a world within a world, telling tales of forgotten histories, secrets kept, sorcerers and witches, ghosts and magical beings.

Her work 'breathes a melancholy breath, and has a nostalgic soul, one which yearns to an old world, a summer past, a memory in dusk.'

She writes tales and rhymes about Witches, Wolves, Chimney Ghosts, Traveling Theatres, Moth Fairies, Moon People, Sirens and Selkies, who live in my imagined worlds of woodlands and oceans.

A story can spark the creation of a doll sculpture but she also finds stories in the materials she uses. Often times the textiles she works with are antiques and she love to imagine the many secrets and stories woven into the cloth. She collects antique and vintage fabrics which she uses in in her work. The older and tattered the fabric, the better.

'I love the idea that there are many stories and secrets woven into the cloth that I work with adding historical layers to the art.'