Textile Artist



to commission this artist or for more information please contact the gallery on 01993 357120 or 07919 575885 email info@darleandthebear.co.uk

Meisterwerke create unique and bespoke 'objets de désir’. Every limited piece that they have created is designed, woven and embroidered all while steeped in the grand tradition of Flemish artisanship and innovation. The time has come for slow living objects. Meisterwerke offer art and design that enhances every interior in a unique and artful way. The room dividers and panels bring undisputed elegance and esteemed style to your personal interior, boutique or design hotel.

Unique fabrics translated in their unique accessories collection. Created in an ancient weaving and embroidery technique, these accessories complete the story of the panels combining the tattoo design from both panels figures.

Les Femmes de Delft

Les Femmes de Delft depicts a young woman in a Vermeeresque landscape. Her back is tattooed with Delft motifs: a striking image that combines ancient and modern. They embarked on a partnership with the Royal Delft ceramics factory especially for this project and where given unique access to the archives for suitable Delft motifs that would serve as tattoos for the woman’s back.

The Historians

Meisterwerke’s inspiration comes from the historical portraits of noble men and ladies of the Middle Ages, giving them a decorative, but contemporary sleeve tattoo. Their Mona Lisa smile projects an image of the indefinable tensions between the past and the present. It is as though you are drawn into the presence of an imaginary construct that cannot possibly be real.

Love At First Sight

When Anna met Willem it was love at first sight. Anna Paulowna was a Russian Princess of the House of Romanov, Russia’s reigning dynasty for over 300 years. After marrying the Dutch Crown Prince Willem II she later became Queen of the Netherlands. We were fortunate to be allowed to work from the original painting by Jean-Baptiste van der Hulst but then adding our unique Meisterwerke creative signature to the historic tapestry.