Andy Bullock


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Oxford-based artist Andy Bullock has been exhibiting his work for over twenty years. Having previously worked commercially as an Art Director and designer for some of the world's most creative agencies, he has now transitioned into Fine Art. Andy works across all media, including large-scale installations, sound, and has most recently found a renewed passion for paint. This is evident in his latest project 'The Bone Shadow' paintings. Andy is a prolific artist, often working on several long-term projects at the same time. He is currently studying for his masters (MFA).

'The Bone Shadow' paintings are a  part of an ongoing investigation and fine art research project by Andy, into the The Anthropocene; the geological epoch relating to the period that human beings have had an impact on our planet. 

The series initially started as part of his master's degree (MFA) study, but is now clearly becoming a topic for career-long inspiration.These paintings are a reaction and response to the widely acknowledged fact, that in millions of years time one of the most significant geological markers that’ll indicate Man's occupation of the Earth, will be fossilised chicken bones.

'We produce, slaughter and consume 65 billion chickens per year. These chicken bones will mostly end up in landfill sites, an ideal environment for future fossilisation. This raises many issues regarding the sustainability of producing so much cheap protein. These issues are of animal rights; the morality and ethics of breeding birds so fast that their bones are not strong enough to support their weight.'

Can we feed the world more effectively, more fairly and ultimately more sustainably? These are just same of the questions that inform this new body of work.