Abigail Mcginley


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Abigail McGinley is a painter currently completing an undergraduate degree at the Slade School of Fine Art, London.

In keeping with the tradition of allegory, she draws on her own intimate relationships to create narrative and theatrics within her paintings, often working around themes exploiting the tensions of longing & leaving.

Central figures are often self portraits in slightly contorted compositions, often seen in the act of betrayal, obscured by the layering of flat paint which can emphasis the tension between the figures, or figures float in a liminal space of paint giving no context. Her paintings use strong central characters that depict lyrical moments of movement that are suggestive of a sadomasochistic relationships. Characters wrap themselves around limbs leaving the subject powerless, the subversion of traditional roles indicates a willingness of submission.

Macginley employs decorative decorative motifs to explore both the erotics of paint and the sensual subject matter to create emotionally charged images mythologising aspects of her lived experience.