Philippa Paterson


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Philippa was born in New York, and thereafter followed a peripatetic life, living in many countries such a Switzerland, Cyprus, Japan, Australia, France and South Africa. Paterson has held equally diverse careers such as publishing, PR, translating and horse breeding.
She studied art in Sussex, London, Johannesburg and Sydney and currently paints in a studio in the South Downs.

Her paintings explore the complexities of a feminine world. the figures are usually seen in isolation, caught in a frozen moment against a coloured back ground, as if heroes from an ancient myth that have strayed into a modern world. Like the ancients, they are frequently accompanied by a symbolic creature.
Philippa’s paintings are held in private and corporate collections across the world, she has been shortlisted for the Threadneedle Prize and won several awards including the National Open Art Competition.

bear stories - Philippa Paterson