Amy McMillan


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A recent graduate from Falmouth School of Art, Amy is a sculptor, painter and book-maker, living and working in London, whose figurative practice explores liminality, performativity, the role of the family (in particular the mother) and the discomfort around sexuality during adolescence.

'Slouching with silky limbs, captured in staccato poses.’

The Shakers are a collection of colourful ceramic players. Each character is disguised in masquerade and costume, their gender-ambiguous, shown to be free, law-less and without boundaries.

Be-WILD-ered. These characters quite literally shake, as an expression of fear and trauma, transformed into dance to find relief. Influenced by the 90’s club scene and the mimetic relationship between women and queer men, McMillan sculpts and paints from a collected archive of Ancient Greek, Roman and Renaissance sculpture, interwoven with invented myth, folk-lore and current fashions, bringing together heterogeneous elements to find an in-between space. Along with reference to animal hybrids and archetypal imagery, The shakers embody the transformational nature of fired ceramic, a medium used to suggest narratives of metamorphoses and restoration.

Amy was showcased at the Mall Galleries, Futures Exhibition in London as one of the latest outstanding art graduates in contemporary art. 

bear stories - Amy McMillan