Textile Artist

The Cat In The Shoe

Cat In The Shoe

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'The cat in the shoe' is the creation of Lucy Brasher a self taught textile artist.

Working from her studio at the bottom of the garden by the sea in Dorset, Lucy's work focuses on the animal form incorporating the human element.
Her work has a touch of whimsy with a darker undertone, much like the fables and folklore that have influenced them.

All of Lucy's work is created by hand and machine using predominantly reclaimed and re-purposed fabrics.

Trained in Fine Art and Photography at the Arts Institute Bournemouth Lucy began experimenting in textiles in 2010 and found a love for the medium.

'Fabric is a forgiving and flexible medium to work with, it can become anything it wishes even if its life began as something else. An old jumper, an unloved leather jacket, a scrap of lace and an off-cut of felt. In my mind these could become a whimsical being straight from the pages of a book you read as a child'