Ben Payne


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Ben has been painting all his life and is largely self-taught. After studying at school in Wimbledon, London, he went on to pursue other avenues of interest, but always continued to paint for pleasure. Graduating in Psychology, he then trained as a Behavioural Therapist, specialising in work with young children with Autism, which It has been described that his paintings 'display a certain innocence which set them apart from the work of his contemporaries', which Ben certainly attributes to this background.

His new abstract and floral work is an addition to his portfolio and the result of a natural creative development, Ben’s resin sprayed landscapes are bold and distinctive, as he believes taught him to value simplicity and to communicate in a very direct and accessible language. continues to challenge himself and push his own artistic boundaries.

His loose and fluid techniques create bursts of vibrant colour, and capture the uplifting nature of his subject to produce bold and beautiful original paintings.

bear stories - Ben Payne