Tracy Burgess


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Tracy Burgess is a British Contemporary artist, living and working in London.

Tracy’s work is the embodiment of movement and spontaneity, using her whole body to apply paint. She harnesses a sensitivity and intensity through the rawness of mark making and awareness of energy, that for her holds a potent spiritual and mystical quality, a direct connection to her humanness.

Her vibrant energetic and emotive paintings capture a layering of moments - visceral expressions juxtaposed and interacting.  Impulses, emotions, thoughts and feelings are sensually delivered onto the canvas as swathes of colour, scribbles and daubs are applied, deeply connecting to herself and being present directly in the moment. Often painting directly with her hands, sometimes to music or from a flow of writing or drawing, she allows each painting to evolve. She trusts that through the visual tensions, harmonies, contradictions and chaos that might arrive each painting will find it’s own direction and balance. It is this embodied and intuitive way of working, for her, that is important for the authenticity of the gestures and marks she creates. The flow of energy through her working process allows a paintings own ‘aliveness’ to emerge.

This process is deeply anchored in Eastern meditative movement practices, mainly Spontaneous Qigong. Tracy has immersed herself, over the past nineteen years in Taoism and other internal energy practices, and is also influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Psychic Automatism, experimental music and an ongoing exploration of dance.

She teaches visual art working in collaboration with dancers, choreographers and musicians, exploring the interplay between these art forms.