Lottie Venn


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Extinction is a central theme for Lottie, specifically the human impact on wildlife and its ever-decreasing population. She has aimed to create work that will shock and educate people, raising awareness of the rapid decline in a species leading to extinction.

Focusing more specifically on elephants, Lottie created a forest of ceramic tusks. Her fascination for their beauty, how they engage with each other, how majestic and gentle their movements were, really solidified Lottie's passion. The ivory trade, thus became a natural focal point, and wanting to help save the species, she has set about trying to educate people on the severity of the issue.

Through traditional coiling techniques, her tusks relay the smooth surface of Ivory with its silky touch and matte sheen, replicated by smoke firing and using a burnishing technique and natural materials as colourants. The burnt surface reflects a key moment when Kenya decided to burn all of its ivory stockpiles, they burnt 105 tonnes, estimated to be worth around $100 million. The imagery painted on the tusks is inspired by ancient cave paintings and the act of storytelling.

Lottie Venn is a graduate of the University of Brighton and has previously been selected to take part in the New Designers Exhibition in London.